Fast AirPort 2 reference

  Prepare room for firmware (already in /etc/fstab ).
[root@ppcrcd ~]$ mount /lib/firmware/
[root@ppcrcd ~]$ cd /lib/firmware/

  If you have OS X installed ppcrcd should detect it and create mount point, so you only have to mount it:
[root@ppcrcd ~]$ mount /mnt/hda3_Mac_OS_X/

  And use fwcutter:
[root@ppcrcd ~]$ bcm43xx-fwcutter /mnt/hda3_Mac_OS_X/System/Library/Extensions/AppleAirPort2.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleAirPort2
fwcutter can cut the firmware out of /mnt/hda3_Mac_OS_X/System/Library/Extensions/AppleAirPort2.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleAirPort2
  filename :  AppleAirPort2
  version  : (400.17)
  MD5      :  ca0f34df2f0bfb8b5cfd83b5848d2bf5
extracting bcm43xx_initval09.fw ...
extracting bcm43xx_initval10.fw ...

  Module should be loaded already, but if not:
[root@ppcrcd ~]$ echo "alias eth0 bcm43xx" >> /etc/modprobe.conf

  Now edit config file:
[root@ppcrcd ~]$ vim /etc/sysconfig/interfaces/ifcfg-eth0
Some usual options are:

WLAN_NICKNAME="ppcrcd" (required)
WLAN_KEY="s:wep passwd"


  And the last thing is to start the interface:
[root@ppcrcd ~]$ ifup eth0
Determining IP information for eth0 (pump).......................[ DONE ]

NOTE: Finally I was able to connect :)

Looks like ifup wasn't waiting enough for authentication, before dhcpcd/pump start. Problem is not solved yet, but doing everything maually works fine.
  Driver works very slowly. You need to wait for PPCRCD with 2.6.17 or newer kernel for better support.