Networking in PPCRCD

WARNING as a first thing

  By default sshd server is started, to have easy access if console isn't working. You should disable it, with option nosshd if you are in unsecure network. Or change root password, after booting it is ' ppcrcd '.

Bringing up network on boot

  Recently udev has complicated things a little, as it detects network cards dinamically, but order of interfaces may change between one and annother boot. That's why I support two ways to configure network:

Old way, disabling udev automation

  This way still works, but shouldn't be used anymore.

  Use new way as I think most problems are solved already.

New way, dynamic interfaces asignment by udev

  If you specify eth= option in kernel cmdline or nvram udev when finds some interface, checks its driver ethtool -i $IF and uses your configuration for it. Using this way you can configure only very simple connections.

  For more complicated interface configuration one used to save /etc/sysconfig/interfaces/ifcfg-eth0 in configuration file. But it depends on interface, and we normally can't be sure if it will be detected same way next time. The only situation you can be sure about it is when you have only one network card. But remember, FireWire is detected as network too.

  To solve this problem save your configuration to /etc/sysconfig/interfaces/ <module> .ifcfg , without specyfying DEVICE in file. It will be moved by udev script to correct ifcfg- $IF file, and appropiate DEVICE= $IF option will be added.