PPCRCD-specific programs


Saves all changed files in /etc to xmltar-gziped archive. If this succeeds tries to guess conf= option needed to load configuration on system startup, but this isn't very smart so don't trust it too much.
  Only, and necessary saveconfig's argument is an existing directory, or not existing filename in existing directory. In first case, if you specify directory, configuration will be saved as ' ppcrcd.xmltar.gz '.


This script checks and saves kernel command line options which are marked as ' saveable ' to nvram. If it's used for first time, or after nvram reseting has to create ppcrcd= variable, which can be a little dangerous, so advertises about it and creates it if called once again.
  Script tries to check correctness of specified options, like checking does specified kernel module exist, but if it fails on correctly specified option '-f' (force) switch can be used to force adding the option.

  Don't allows saving multiple options of same type, except eth= . If new option of same type is added it replaces old option, but eth= is simply added.

  Script checks what you already have stored in nvram, if you want to remove old options type '-r' as first argument. Option '-rn' removes all eth= variables.

  If nvram is not empty and setbootopt is called without arguments it lists already stored variables.